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MOMMED Cassa di risparmio bancomat, mini bancomat per bambini, salvadanaio bancomat per soldi veri, cassaforte elettronica per bambini con password, b

Best Gift For Kids: The kids piggy bank is not just a simple toy. Children learn the fun of saving money and develop the habit of managing money through our piggy bank. This is the beginning of a journey towards financial freedom. Whether it is birthdays
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Product Description

piggy bank

How to use:


  • Enter the four-digit password (default 0000), the green lights. If you enter the wrong password, the red light will be illuminated. The piggy banks will remind you try again.
  • Clockwise the button opened the door. Green light for about 10 seconds, there will creak of the door opening. If the door open for more than 10 seconds, the green light is off, and a beep sounds once every 20 seconds. Closed to stop the beeping.
  • Insert coins at the top coin slot to save coins in the money bank, coins can be inserted at any time.
  • Insert paper bills into the front slot to store paper bills in the money bank, bills can only be inserted when the door of the ATM bank is closed and locked.


piggy bank for boys

Keep Kids Entertained

When your child is bored, our ATM bank for kids is the answer! It is fun and easy to use, allowing them to enjoy hours of entertainment, and its teaching content is also very interesting.

piggy bank for girls

A Perfect Gift for Kids

Children will like to watch their savings grow, and adults will also see their children learn financial management with our piggy bank for girls! This piggy bank for boys will be a unique gift for children!

coin bank

piggy banks

atm piggy bank for real money

money bank


How to change the piggy bank password

kids piggy bank

banks for kids

piggy bank for kids

electronic piggy bank

First step

Enter the four-digit password, the green lights. Turn the handle clockwise, opened the panda bank door.

Second step

Press and hold the "*" button(hold the * button not to loosen), the piggy bank safe red light flashes.

Third step

Press the new 4-digit code within 15 seconds, then press the "#" button, and the money jar light stops flashing. (hold the * button not to loosen)

Last step

Change the coin jar password successfully, closes the door.

Make Learning Fun

A cute way to encourage kids to save and learning how to save money with our ATM piggy bank. The lights flash effect and code for opening should be really interesting for kids. Exquisite design, the appearance of cute, Money saving box is the best choice for gifts.

Note:If you Forgot your piggy bank password, Please remove the battery and reinstall it after 5 minutes. The password will be restored to "0000".(The electronic piggy bank needs 3*AA batteries but NOT Included.)

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